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Locker Radiant Heat Shielding

  • Forties Alpha
  • FPSO Kikeh
  • Galebreaker Industrial Fabric Heat Shielding installed at Ensco 104, Darwin, Australia.
  • Kupe Gas Onshore facility New Zealand
  • Ineos Grangemouth Escape Route
  • FPSO Kikeh
  • Rowan Viking
  • Galebreaker Industrial Fabric Heat Shielding installed at Hakuryu 10 rig, Singapore
  • FPSO Capixaba
  • New-FTAP-1.jpg
  • FPSO Kikeh
  • Site Survey
  • South Sea’s Inspection, Singapore
  • FPSO Capixaba
  • Sagar Laxmi Flare Deck Extension – ONGC (India)
  • Rowan Gorilla V

We are proud to announce the addition of the Galebreaker Industrial range of lightweight tensioned fabric Heat and Wind Shields to our product portfolio. This collaboration will expand the range of Heat and Wind Shielding products specifically designed for the oil and gas sectors.

World Class Heat Shielding for Oil & Gas Exploration

Locker Heatshielding Brochure PDF download
Heatshielding Brochure
PDF Download
Mini Shield - Rowan Gorilla V

Locker Radiant Heat Shield cladding panels were specifically developed  for the safety and protection of personnel and equipment against radiant heat from flares on Oil Rigs and FPSO’s. Since the product was introduced to the market place in 1976, on the Claymore platform in the Forties field, the applications have expanded into weather shielding and many onshore and even architectural applications, with continuous product improvements to give even higher levels of protection, coupled with reduced weight and increased strength.

Locker Radiant Heat Shield Cladding Panels are designed to be light in weight and rigidly structured, able to withstand the offshore environment and rough handling.

Locker Radiant Heat Shield Panels are passive in construction, and have no moving parts. Support services such as water, electricity, pipe work and monitoring devices etc. are unnecessary.

The Ladder shield consists of dual skin shielding media attached to both sides of a ladder frame to provide maximum protection in areas where personnel may come into contact with the shield.

The Mini ES Shield is intended for protection of key equipment and in areas where personnel will not come into direct contact with the radiant shields.

Fabric Heat Shielding gives maximum heat protection with minimal additional weight.

Cable Tray Heat Shielding is designed to protect power and equipment cables from the effects of elevated levels of radiant heat

Mini type shields are designed primarily for equipment protection but are increasingly being used as Wind Shields providing an effective barrier against the Harsh offshore environments.

Flare Deck Grid Flooring consists of an open grid serrated floor bolted to heavy duty woven mesh ladder type heat shield to provide an effective barrier between the flare tip and supporting structure of the Flare Deck. The Flare Deck Grid Flooring has been developed to replace traditional 'Fire Brick' style constructions.

On-site Survey

On-site surveys using up to date heat flux and wind speed measuring equipment can be provided if required. This ensures that the correct product is specified and any potential problems are avoided.

On completion of the site survey, a full report with detailed recommendations from Locker will be submitted.

In addition to Site Surveys and Consultancy, Locker also offer on-site installation supervision by qualified engineers.

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