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Certificate No Q 05104

Project: Flare Deck Heat Shielding

Project Name: Total E & P Nigeria AMT2 Platform


Total E & P Nigeria contacted Locker in August 2008 regarding a problem with the AMT2 flare deck.

The Original Flare Deck had no Heatshield protection and the supporting steelwork was damaged by the elevated temperatures present. Numerous interim modificationswere employed in an attempt to strengthen the structure but Locker Flare Deck protection was agreed as the best solution.


The replacement flare deck provided unique challenges in that the panels had to be shaped around the existing structure, and modifications undertaken over the years meant incorporation of a number of complex shapes. The above image shows the replacement flare deck undergoing trial fitting prior to despatch to the customer and highlights the complex challenge involved.


These panels were designed, fabricated and delivered to a tight budget and delivery schedule, and subsequently installed within the specified period. Successful fulfilment of complex requirements strengthened our relationship with Total E&P in the West African region and further demonstrated our ability to meet any challenge asked of us.


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