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Project: Flare Deck Heat Shielding

Project Name: Forties Alpha Platform

Flare Deck Heatshielding Installation at Forties Alpha

The UK North Sea Forties field underwent a major refurbishment in 2007. The offshore flare platforms required replacing as they had been in situ since installation of the platforms in 1976.

Locker Heatshielding were contracted by Amec to provide replacement Heatshield panels for the Forties Alpha flare platform to protect the Flare deck structure from elevated temperatures.

Flare deck heatshielding installation at Forties Alpha

Due to the relatively complex shape of the replacement flare platforms, the Heatshield panels had to be individually designed with a number of complex shapes incorporated. The flare deck shields also had to fit closely around the new flare tip pipes to prevent any ingress of radiant heat through the flare deck.

The replacement flare platform was built on the quayside in Aberdeen and the shields fitted before the entire structure was transported offsite.

Flare deck heatshielding installation at Forties Alpha

The existing flare platform was then removed, and the new platform lifted into place as a complete unit, significantly reducing the installation downtime.


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