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Certificate No Q 05104

Project: Ladder Heat Shielding

Project Name: Kupe Gas Onshore Facility New Zealand (Technip Oceania)

The Single Skin Ladder was installed to protect the process pipe work and support structure from the excessive radiant Heat generated due to the close proximity of the Burn Pit flare tips.

Locker Heatshielding Ltd were contacted by Technip Oceania in 2008 to assist with protection of flare gas supply pipework and flare air ducting located at the Kupe Gas onshore terminal. These flares are positioned in a specially designed burn pit to prevent damage to any surrounding infrastructure.

ADD Due to the horizontal orientation of the flare tips, the Heatshields had to provide full protection to both the equipment and support structure, as there could be a tendency for the flares to blow back in the direction of the Heatshield wall. The shields also needed to fit in close proximity to the flare tip piping without affecting performance.

The Locker Single Skin Ladder was selected, as it provides 150mm standoff from the supporting structure and greater protection against the flare and radiant heat produced.

A key benefit of Locker Heatshields is that they can easily be shaped to fit around practically any shape and size, providing greater flexibility for challenging onshore and offshore projects such as this.


The Kupe natural gas field is located in the Tasman Sea, 30km off the coast of Manaia in Taranaki, New Zealand. The field was discovered in 1986 and is located in 35m of water. The production facility comprises an unmanned offshore platform, a 30km single 3 phase pipeline to shore and an onshore production station.


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