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Our Services: On-site Survey

Heatshielding site survey

On-site surveys using up to date heat flux and wind speed measuring equipment can be provided if required.

This ensures that the correct product is specified and any potential problems are avoided.

In addition to Site Surveys and Consultancy, Locker also offer on-site installation supervision by qualified engineers.

Site surveys are undertaken by fully qualified personnel.

Heatshielding site survey measuring equipment

Onboard Radiant Heat levels are recorded using the Hukseflux Thermal Sensor which can be either hand held or remotely mounted with the results taken from a safe distance.

The results are shown in real time on the LI-19 digital readout and the results are stored on the hard drive ready for downloading on completion of the survey.

Surface temperatures are recorded using the portable infrared temperature gauge and wind speeds and direction are recorded.

Calibrated thermal sensors and temperature gauges are used
to accurately measure the radiant heat and temperature.

Heatshielding site survey report and mesh

On completion of the site survey a detailed report is produced highlighting the Radiant Heat levels which are recorded at the different locations.

A full list of recommendations is provided detailing the areas where Heatshields must be installed and which type of Heatshield is appropriate depending on the personnel exposure at the various locations.

The radiant heat is recorded as a graphical plot with the radiant heat levels plotted against the time line.

Radiant heat graph

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